# 🎭 Updating and switching models

handsfree.update(config, callback) can be used to update Handsfree in real time, even as it's actively running. The passed config will override the existing one, and the callback will get called after all new models are loaded (or immediately if all models are already loaded).

In addition to reconfiguring models you can also enable/disable them, as well as reconfigure plugins. Below is an example of switching off the hands model for the weboji model and configuring the the facePointer plugin:

// Start the hands model with "browser" plugins
const handsfree = new Handsfree({hands: true})

// Switch to the weboji model and update the facePointer
  weboji: true,
  hands: false,

  plugin: {
    // Make the face pointer move slower
    facePointer: {
      speed: {
        x: .5,
        y: .5

// Toggle a specific model on, loading missing dependencies
handsfree.model.handpose.enable(function () {

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