# Method: handsfree.update()

handsfree.update(config, callback)

This method can be used to update Handsfree in real time, even as it's actively running. The passed config will override the existing one, and the callback will get called after all new models are loaded (or immediately if all models are already loaded).

In addition to reconfiguring models, you can also reconfigure plugins or enable/disable them.

update() can receive a special property, {autostart: true}, which will also start Handsfree if it's not already started. This is especially helpful when you have multiple start buttons on a page that each do something different (like in /boilerplate/).

# Parameters

config: object
(required) The new configs to use, properties will overwrite existing ones
callback: function
(optional) A function to run after the updates have been applied

# Example

const handsfree = new Handsfree({weboji: true})

// Turn off weboji and turn on mediapipe hands
handsfree.update({weboji: false, hands: true})

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