# Prop: handsfree.isLooping

This is used to maintain the state of the main loop. It's set to true when running handsfree.start() and set to false after handsfree.pause().

Setting handsfree.isLooping = false when the loop is running can be used to pause tracking while maintaining the webcam stream, which allows you to instantly restart the loop without needing to wait for another webcam stream to be initialized.

# Examples

const handsfree = new Handsfree({weboji: true})
// Start tracking and set handsfree.isLooping to true

// Manually stop the loop
// - This is equivalent to running handsfree.pause()
handsfree.isLooping = false

// Manually restart the loop
// - This is equivalent to running handsfree.unpause()
handsfree.isLooping = true

# See Also

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