# Method: handsfree.TweenMax

handsfree.TweenMax.to(tweenedValues, time, dataAndOptions)

This is an alias to gsap's TweenMax (opens new window) module, and is used by plugins to help smoothen model data through the TweenMax.to() method.

Please see their documentation for all the available functionality.

# Example

// This will contained the tweened (current) values
const tween = {x: 0, y: 0}

this.handsfree.TweenMax.to(tween, 1, {
  // Step the x towards targetY
  x: targetY,
  // Step the x towards targetY
  y: targetY,

  // Do this now
  overwrite: true,
  ease: 'linear.easeNone',
  immediate: true

// Use the tweened values, not the target values
$pointer.style.left = `${tween.x}px`
$pointer.style.top = `${tween.y}px`
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